Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thankful Thursdays- 5/2/13- Spring!

You might wonder why TODAY I am thankful for Spring. After all, didn't Spring 'officially' arrive back in March?! Well, yes, and no. This is Indiana...where if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it'll change!

So today I am thankful for Spring ACTUALLY arriving. Wednesday, May 1st was our 'average last frost date,' which means it should be safe to plant anything outside now. That's a good thing, because even wth my winter-sowing, I'm behind in the gardens. If this nicer weather (the past 2 days have been 80) continues, by the end of next week we should have everything in the ground.

That will take a lot of hard work. I'm OK with that. The girls...well, they like to eat produce, so they'll be busy helping too!

(I'm also doing the happy dance knowing I shouldn't have to scrape the car windows again until October!)

The past two days the apple trees outside the kitchen window have been so full of honey bees that you can hear the buzzing from several feet away. Hopefully that means there will be enough apples that we'll get some, in spite of the squirrels!

Today, I'm thankful for Spring. Tomorrow I'll be thankful again. If it should happen to rain on Saturday, and we need to stay inside, I don't think anyone will mind a day off of hard labor.   :)

Enjoy the day God has planned for you. Bask in the sunshine, or dance in the rain, and hug your kids!

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