Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursdays 2/21/13- Mounds State Park

Weather in Indiana is always changing. In the winter, it usually changes to something you don't want. So imagine our joy on Monday afternoon when it was 57 degrees outside. Yes, it was windy, but that 50+ degree weather enticed us to get outdoors. We ventured to one of our favorite hiking spots, Mounds State Park!

While Mounds remains the smallest of Indiana's state parks, at only 290 acres, it is full of great hiking trails and history.

The "Mounds" in the park are from the Adena-Hopewell tribe. Experts guess-timate they were built over 2000 years ago. Today if you visit the "Great Mound" you'll find a grouping of trees growing in the center area. It makes me think of the trees representing the Indians who once gathered there for their ceremonies and discussions.

If you would like to learn more about Mounds State Park, you can visit their webpage:

If you purchase an annual pass to any of the Indiana State Parks, you can use it at Mounds. We buy our at Mounds and use it all over the state at other properties.

We saw lots of signs of Spring on our hike

 As always, Emily found cool rocks in the path. She was only a little disappointed whe I reminded her to leave them there. She said it helped her to think that someone else would get to see them too.

 We love the trees that grow in the undercanopy near the White River. We call these ones 'paper trees' because we always seem to forget their real name. They are especially fun to see because they don't lose their leaves until the new ones come out in the Spring.

Down in the ravines you could still see the snow and ice. (It was only 28 degrees on Sunday!)

I love seeing the sun break through the clouds and illuminate the trees along the river.

 Even in the Winter you can enjoy the sounds of the river washing over the rocks.

Here's the 'wrong end' of the woodpecker that was traveling the river path with us. How many of you can identify it without any help?

This chubby little guy was content to perch and munch as we went by.

Mom, is this your favorite place to take our picture? You took it here on our last hike... (Don't they look thrilled!)

Overall, it was a wonderful 2 hours of hiking and enjoying the beauty that God has created. So once again, we are thankful for Mounds State Park (and warmth!)

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