Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Homeschool check-up and the Fresh Start sale at SchoolhouseTeachers.com

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It is a new year, and that means time to evaluate what you're doing in your homeschool.

Are you happy with how things went last fall? Did you have enough choices that your kids weren't bored? Were you bored? Are you looking for something new or different, or are you looking for encouragement for the long haul?

Life has a way of throwing curveballs. Homeschooling is no exception. There were years when I thought we had everything we needed, and then a particular resource just didn't mesh with one of our girls' learning styles. There were years when we had enough, but decided we wanted to try something new. Sometimes you have plenty of money to buy something new, and other years you cringe when your child says they can't find a new eraser. Been there - done that.

We were always the piece things together type of family. Our youngest graduated high school last month, and we only had one year when we went with a set-by-someone-else curriculum. That was a painful year. The girls learned a lot, but it didn't really fit with their learning style, or my teaching style, to have everything so regimented that there was no extra time for exploration. We always loved exploration - especially time spent outdoors.

So where are you on that homeschooling journey? Ready to try something new? Firmly entrenched in your routine? Wondering if you're doing it right? Know that we are cheering for you, and praying for you!

It is a freeing feeling when you realize that your homeschool journey does not need to look like anyone else's!

If you've been considering something new, I encourage you to take a look at the Fresh Start sale that is happening over at SchoolhouseTeachers.com this month. For new memberships, you can get access to all of their 425 courses plus extra resources for only $90 a year! That's half off the regular subscription cost! 

We have been members since SchoolhouseTeachers.com started in 2012. Even though Arlene has graduated, I'm still keeping our membership for a while. There are a lot of planning and record keeping resources included with a yearly membership, and I'm not finished with them yet. Plus, it's fun to look at the newer courses and be able to tell you about them. One of the best things about home educating your children is the ability to go back and learn things you missed the first time. A lot of the high school level courses are great for adults... and learning something new helps stave off dementia - I'm all about that!

So take a while to reflect on how last semester went for your family. It's only January 1st, it is not time to jump back into homeschooling just yet - enjoy a few days of peace and reflection first. And if you decide you need a change, or some different resources, hop over and check out SchoolhouseTeachers.com for some great inspiration at a really reasonable cost!

P.S. Just a reminder that if you join SchoolhouseTeachers.com during the Fresh Start sale, you'll get to renew each year at the super low price of $90/year!

P.P.S. If you join during January, you'll receive a print copy of the Winter Issue that just released last month!

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