Monday, December 31, 2018

My 2018 Reading List

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When I look back at the list of books I have read this year, I find that it is much shorter than in recent years. 

Almost all of the titles I finished this year were historical fiction titles. I read a lot of non-fiction, trust me, I do, but I do not always finish the book completely, and often, it is in a magazine or newspaper format, so it doesn't make it on to my list. 

So here is my short list from this year. I'm okay with it being short, there was a lot going on this year, and a lot of time spent hiking, and while I can read and walk on the treadmill at the same time, I most definitely cannot hike and read! :)

For the ones that have + next to the author, it was a collection of Novellas. It only works out to about two books a month. With working, homeschooling, birdwatching with my husband and being a 4-H leader, that was all I found time for. Because some days, you just need to curl up on the couch and read a good book!

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill - Julie Klassen

In His Steps - Charles Sheldon

Waves of Mercy - Lynn Austin

Hearts Entwined - Witemeyer, +

The Mark of the King - Jocelyn Green

The Writing Desk - Rachel Hauck

You're Gonna Love Me - Robin Lee Hatcher

A Place to Land - Kate Motaung

The Captain's Daughter - Jennifer Delamere

The Heart's Appeal - Jennifer Delamere

A Refuge Assured - Jocelyn Green

Once Upon a Prince - Rachel Hauck

All My Tomorrows - Witemeyer +

All For Love - Conneally +

The Orphans' Wish - Melanie Dickerson

The Love Letter - Rachel Hauck

A Daring Venture - Elizabeth Camden

Caught By Surprise - Jen Turano

A Song of Home - Susie Finkbeiner

Legacy of Mercy - Lynn Austin

The Reluctant Warrior - Mary Connelly

Prayers for the Battlefield - Heidi St. John

A Sparkle of Silver - Liz Johnson

*Before We Were Yours - Lisa Wingate

The Bride of Ivy Green - Julie Klassen

Kiss the Bride - McClone +

Who I Am With You - Robin Lee Hatcher

The Lieutenant's Bargain - Regina Jennings

The Spirit-Led Heart - Suzanne Eller

The Accidental Guardian - Mary Conneally

Together Forever - Jody Hedlund

*We Hope for Better Things - Erin Bartels

For the two with * next to them:

Lisa Wingate's book was recommended to me by friends. It was a tough one to read, because it is based upon actual events, so there is more history than fiction, and it's a rough story. Still - so worth the read.

Erin Bartel's book was an advanced reader copy. It is a stellar first novel, but many tough themes are dealt with in it - it is not light reading, but it will challenge and change you if you read it. It comes out in January!

What's on my list for 2019? Nothing yet...but I hear Jen Turano's new book will be out in a month or so - I can't wait!

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