Friday, January 4, 2019

Parenting Truths - a new series

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Parenting Truths

As our children grow, we walk along this journey as parents wishing that those sweet little darlings had come with an instruction manual. In a way, they did. God’s Word tells us to talk to them about Him as we rise, walk along the road, and sit down again. Speaking the truths of Scripture into and over our children is the single best thing we can do to succeed as parents.

Beyond that though, we often wish for some practical helps. There are a variety of parenting books out there, and they promote a wide range of parenting styles. Some solid, some really wacky. But our children are more than a style. They are unique individuals, who need our hearts, and our time. 

Sometimes our best resources are friends who have “Been there, done that.” In the spirit of giving you and your family some encouragement in this coming year, I’ll be sharing a lot of those parenting truths Kurt and I have learned along the way. I’m working on my first book, one that talks about parenting as an ever-changing art, and not just a style or method. Along the way, there are some truths that I want to share with you. Some are practical tips, some might rock your perspective on life.

This series of parenting truths posts won’t encompass the entire book, but it will hopefully make you smile, and encourage you that there are others out there that have made it from point A to at least point G or H. I am of the firm belief that we will always be parenting our children in one way or another, because they never leave our hearts, even when they leave our homes. My mom has always been my source of inspiration when it comes to the basics of loving my own children well. If someday I grow up and can be half as patient and kind as she has always been with me, I will have succeeded indeed.

Just in case you’re new here, I’ll let you know right now that even though our daughters are 20 & 18, I do not have all the answers. I do however, know The One who does, and God is always, always, always faithful. When it seems He is far away, it is not because He has changed, but because we have taken our gaze and set it on other things. It might be time to take note of where our gaze is focused. God is our Father, and He loves us. Let’s remember that as we travel along this parenting journey. If God can love us, with all of our fear, failures and doubts, surely He can teach us how to love our children, and do it in a way that glorifies Him.

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