Friday, September 8, 2017


This week's writing prompt from Kate is: work

work, five minute friday writing prompt

What work have you done this week? This week we started back to school - well, Arlene went back to her books for her senior year of high school, so I guess that's as close to back to school as we home schoolers get. :)

Work, a necessity in life, and something we can choose to either enjoy or regret. I want to choose to work with joy, to do my best, as in service to God. I want to find contentment in my work, whether that is in writing, in mothering, in working outside of the home, or just cleaning off my desk. While I know it is difficult to change my attitude on my own, I know that God can change my attitude about work. I often pray for the help I need to appreciate being able to work. 

If you are struggling in your workplace, wherever that is, ask God to help you appreciate your position, and to do your work with joy. Life can be rough, but God is big enough and loving enough to want us to find joy in all of our lives.

Work: today I wrote a newspaper column, I shopped for groceries, and I spent time editing photos. Tomorrow will hold something new, may I be ready, willing, and with God's help: able - for whatever work I find to do!


  1. Work is so tough for me right now. I want to love it but I just don't anymore. I've been praying for a new attitude. Thanks for your encouraging post.

  2. Today I babysat for my daughter. I read a story to the 3 & 5 year olds, played crazy eights with them, watched the 9 month old army crawl after his brother--a good time! This is a lovely interlude in the other work I have. Have a blessed weekend. I'm visiting from FMF #53

  3. Good thoughts carol, to need to take our work stuff to the Lord, too easy to forget to,do so...especially regarding attitude issues.

  4. It is important to find joy in our work and to do it in service to God, whatever we are doing, but I agree, it is definitely something we need his help with, not something we can achieve on our own! Visiting from FMF #35