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Unauthorized from Chara Games ~ a Crew Review

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Do you enjoy playing strategy games? Are you wanting a game for your teens to play with their friends that does not last 3 hours? Are you looking for a fun pocket-sized game that can entertain a large group of people? Then let us introduce you to Unauthorized from Chara Games! We received Unauthorized, a strategy card game for 6-12 players ages 12 and up to review for the Homeschool Review Crew.

There is a bit of a learning curve while playing Unauthorized with new people, but it is worth the effort. Since the entire game only takes about 30-45 minutes to play, it is easy to play more than one game in a sitting. We found that with a larger number of players it ran 45 minutes, while playing with only 6 players was nearer the 30 minute mark. The game is recommended for ages 12 and up, but could be played with mixed ages as well. I think it would work best with ages 10 and up, as there is a lot of strategy involved. While there is an exception to play with only 5 players, one of them playing two hands' worth of cards, we found it worked much better, and was more fun, if you had at least 6 players. 

Unauthorized is a social deduction card game, based upon the experiences of the underground church.   In the game, each player assumes a role, either for the church, for the state, or as a neutral player, depending which of the role cards they are dealt. Play begins with each person having seven experience cards which will tell the neutral players if they are either for the church or for the state, all depending on how the cards are dealt. The pastor (there is always at least one) begins with all church cards (green experience cards) while the police begin with all state cards (red experience cards.) Inside the rule book you will find a handy chart telling you how many pastor and how many police cards to use based upon the total number of players. As the game progresses, you will use your cards to try to influence others and win them to your side of the struggle. There are also wild cards which give you more options.

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During our favorite afternoon game of Unauthorized, the girls had friends over and there were a total of 8 players, so there was one pastor, two police, and five neutral players. The goal is to sway the players with different loyalities over to your side by how you play your own cards during the four short rounds of the game. Each of the Role cards includes a special role power that they can exercise to influence others, of course, if you are imprisoned, who you can influence is limited. When the girls played with their friends, the policemen decided to use the public execution option... and it backfired on them ... the player they "executed" used her final words to sway two players for the church.

history, strategy, board games

There is an  instructional video on Chara's website that helps you understand the basics of setup and beginning play for Unauthorized. I would suggest watching it once, playing the first time, and then watching the video again. Once you have played a few times it gets easier and the game flows better.

We had a question about the fourth and final round. I contacted Patrick at Chara Games, and got the information I needed. If you end up with questions, use the Contact Us tab on Chara's website. They are really good about quick responses and giving more details if needed.

So how interesting is Unauthorized? The eight teens played the entire way through and I did not see anyone pick up their phone. There was a LOT of laughter, and smiling, and scheming, and laughter. Definitely one to get and play with your friends. Or, get it and invite over some new people!

This is the third game we have been blessed to review from Chara Games. You can read our reviews of Three Seeds and Commissioned to learn more about the first two games. These are all quality games that have found a place on our game shelf for game night. I wonder what they are working on next?

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