Saturday, June 24, 2017

Vacation and Wonder

blogging the alphabet, vacation, wonder

As we are nearing the end of this round of Blogging Through the alphabet, we are at letter W. I'm also including V from last week, as life simply did not allow enough time to type that one out last week. :)

V is for Vacation
W is for Wonder... as in let your children experience the wonder of new things at their own speed.

As a family where both parents work, we have had to be intentional about a lot of things that it seems others just do naturally. Maybe they have to be intentional as well, but they might have a little more time to plan than we do.

We love to go on vacations 

While it has often taken some creative budgeting to get there, we have been blessed to be able to take quite a few memorable vacations over these past 14 years of home education. Some only lasted 36 hours, a couple of them each lasted a week.

One of our favorite vacations was in 2013 when we travelled to Oklahoma. We were staying with our dear friends Mike and Ella for the week. They had invited us to visit them and attend the Delaware Nation Pow-wow with them. While there we also did a lot of sight-seeing, including seeing wild mustangs. Yes, there is a fence... on the side towards the state highway to keep the mustangs safe.

blogging the alphabet, vacation, wonder

On that vacation we also stopped at this adorable rest stop near Conway, Missouri. All of the picnic tables were enclosed in little Route 66 buildings. It is on I-44 at mile marker 111 Eastbound.

blogging the alphabet, vacation, wonder

Vacations can be a chance to visit friends, see new places, and get away from the ordinary routine of your life. Whether your vacation is two days or two weeks, we encourage you to go somewhere and make memories with your children.

W is for Wonder 

As in cultivate the wonder you see in your children's eyes. Let them explore something new. Let them meet new experiences at their own pace. This requires us Moms to slow down, as we often like to keep a schedule and check boxes.

Wonder does not come from checking boxes.

Wonder comes from watching ants, playing in the sand, catching fireflies, camping in the woods, mixing paints. All of those great (mostly outdoors) activities I grew up with in the 1970's that so many parents today think are too full of germs.

Germs, schmerms. Let your children get dirty. Let them have fun. Just last week our 17 year old paused what she was doing and sat for five whole minutes as she watched a spider wrap its prey up in a silk cocoon. "Mama, that was cool!"

Do you still find wonder in the things of nature around you? Are you still amazed by the birth of a new baby, whether it be a tiny human or a little calf? 

How long has it been since you sat and contemplated how the Creator of this vast Universe has given you the ability to create something yourself? Have you created recently? That creativity comes more readily when we cultivate our sense of wonder. Maybe it is time for you to create: a picture, a meal, a garden filled with flowers, or maybe it is time to make a pillow or a birdhouse with your children.

blogging the alphabet, vacation, wonder

Take time to plan a vacation, however short, where you can make memories. In the time between now and whenever that vacation happens, cultivate the wonder!

Until next week :)

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  1. Wow....those worked really well together. So glad I stopped in. Well done

  2. What a good reminder. We love short getaways but often find our plans get lost in the everyday. We have been more intentional lately and already have some short "wonders" planned for the girls for the coming months. Carol, thank you. This just made me smile and feel like a good friend had just given me some good advice followed by a hug. Your writing always makes me smile.

    1. Consider yourself hugged! Stop by anytime! :)