Friday, June 9, 2017


Five mInute Friday writing prompt, expect, trials

Today's Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: expect


What do you expect will happen tomorrow, next week, next month? Do you look forward to Christ's return? The book of Romans tells us that the earth is waiting for His return and the freedom of renewal it will bring.

What are your children expecting? Are they waiting for their turtle to grow up, Grandma to come visit, or a trip to summer camp? 

It is quite alright to expect things to happen... especially those you have planned. As long as we are willing to let God direct our plans, we can look forward with expectation to the good things He will bring into our lives. We should also expect to face trials. Jesus reminded His disciples: "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world." 

Expecting trials does not mean you become a pessimist, quite the opposite, you become optimistic because you know that God is allowing trials in your life to conform you into the image of Christ, and to bring glory to God the Father.

While your children are expecting fun things for the summer, choose to expect that you will grow closer to God. Read His Word, pray, ask Him for wisdom and strength to meet those trials with His grace.

Next week Arlene will be attending a huge textiles conference. She has been expecting this for over a year. Will you pray along with me that it not only meets, but exceeds her expectations, that she learns a lot, and that she has fun? Thanks!




  1. So glad to be your Five Minute Friday neighbor this week. I love that you said expecting trials doesn't have to make us a pessimist, but we can be optimistic because of Christ. What a beautiful reminder. Happy Friday!

  2. So true- it's only realistic to expect that life will be a mixture of good times and trials, but it is encouraging to remember that in all of it we can expect God to be with us and that he will work growth in us through it. Visiting from FMF #41.

  3. I thought I had commented, but perhaps I didn't. :) But I like this line: choose to expect that you will grow closer to God. Read His Word, pray, ask Him for wisdom and strength to meet those trials with His grace it's a real positive outlook

  4. Love this, Carol. What an encouragement this morning. Thank you. - Lori