Friday, April 28, 2017


Today's writing prompt from Kate is: more

Just five minutes to put your heart onto the page:


five minute friday, more


A thought that we often have,
can we do more, should we be more, can we get more____?

...and then there are the words that Jesus whispers into our hearts "I am enough."

Instead of wanting more things, do we want more of Jesus? Do we want more time spent reading and studying His Word? Do we want more of the Holy Spirit convicting and directing our hearts? Do we want more of the peace that comes from our heavenly Father?

Instead of more books, more shoes, more groceries or more free time...

I'm going to ask God to give me more of Him.

More peace, more love, more Jesus!

He will always be enough.

Stop. Only 3.5 minutes, but I don't need more today. :)

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