Friday, April 7, 2017


This week's Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: Enough

Five Minute Writing Prompt, Enough, Jesus

I am not enough. I was not meant to be enough by myself - not enough to love, not enough to live, and definitely not enough to get myself back to God.

Jesus is enough. I was meant to fall in love with my Savior, and to be a part of a community of believers, those who walk beside me, whole hands I hold, and who hold me up as well. 

Jesus is enough for all of us, and yet, we sometimes forget that His is the plan that ends in victory, not our own.

If all I ever have is Jesus, He is enough. If I gain the whole world and do not have Jesus, that is Not enough

Jesus is enough. He is enough to fulfill my deepest needs, He is enough to love me, to give me a reason to live, and He has always been the perfect plan to get me back to God.

It is a week until we celebrate Easter.

Easter - the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Search for Him this week - He is waiting to be found. 

Jesus is enough.

While you're thinking about your past and the pain you've been through along the way to Jesus, may these lyrics from Switchfoot give you comfort and hope, that Jesus shines through your scars, and makes them beautiful!

Why're you running from yourself now?
You can't run away

Cause your scars shine like dark stars
Yeah, your wounds are where the light shines through
So let's go there, to that place where
We sing these broken prayers where the light shines through--
The wound is where the light shines through

From Where the Light Shines Through by Switchfoot, ©2016



  1. he is enough and he did enough indeed Carol...oh that he did. :)

  2. Jesus is enough. He provided more than we ever could. Thank you for sharing these good reminders.

  3. Thank you! I needed to hear that again today.