Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Homeschool 101 ~ Home Management

Homeschool 101, home management

Yes, this is an actual picture of the floor in our front room taken the end of last week.

Notice the layer of dust?

See the 4-H ribbons, they're not attached to a project anymore, they're taped to the side of the chair ~ LOL!

Why am I even talking about home management today (other than because it's today's Homeschool 101 topic?) Because Moms need to face reality that there is a balance between keeping a spotless house and keeping a loving home.

Right now our home needs a good cleaning. The shelves and ceiling fans need dusted and the floors need swept and treated with some TLC. I'm OK with it not being spotless, because we've been living our lives, and trying to fit as much fun into the summer as possible. Sometime soon the girls will be home to help me clean (actually they'll be home tomorrow,) and we will tackle each task one by one. 

But right now, the dust is accumulating. Because the girls have been on an adventure for the past two weeks. Before that was our county 4-H fair (which actually encompasses three weeks when you figure in all the days of judging and preparation or fair week.) So yes, its been 5 weeks since we did a good, thorough deep cleaning. Don't worry ~ we've still been washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and cleaning the bathrooms. We've just let some of the other things wait for us.

I am a working and homeschooling Mama. While the girls don't usually do much schoolwork in the summers, I still need to work three days week. Since they've been gone the past two weeks I've lost my laundress, my dishwasher, and both of my part time cooks. 

Yup, you guessed it !Kurt and I have been practicing being empty-nesters. It's been really quiet, and I've been reminded how spoiled I am by having the girls help so much at home. 

If you're wanting to get some ideas from those Crew members who actually DO plan their home management, feel free to click over and read some of today's other posts

In the meantime, know that I'm right there with you ~ balancing the demands of home, school, work, and family life one day at a time. Feel free to stop back in soon, maybe the floors will be sparkly by then . . . and maybe not. We might decide to go to the park instead!

Have a great day with your family!

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