Friday, July 8, 2016

What If I?

What If? Mama encouragement

What would happen if I . . . 

Thought before speaking?

Researched the facts before forming an opinion?

Actually prayed daily for those who are annoying to me?

Chose to answer wrath with a soft word?

Prayed for my children instead of yelling at them when they disobey?

Decided I didn't always need to be right?

Earnestly sought after God's plan for each day?

I would be different. 
I would be content with what I have. 
I would be more like Christ!

Today I am going to choose to be more like Christ, and less like my old sinful self. Will you join me in choosing this better way? The way of Christ that brings peace to our lives and our homes. The way that holds no grievances and looks to the eternal rather than the temporary. Choose today to love those around you. Choose to let Christ make a difference in your life. Choose Christ.

1 comment:

  1. Good challenge and reminder. You are right on the button. Thank you. - Lori