Sunday, July 10, 2016

On Nature . . . a newspaper column

A few months ago, I started doing something I hadn't done since college . . . really, it is something I haven't done regularly since High School. I started writing a column for the local newspaper.

It is not just me writing the column. I am one of four people from a local community group who has joined forces to write for the newspaper. It has been a long time since I've seen my name in print. It's kind of fun, and sometimes really challenging. The three other writers are friends of mine, and that makes it easier. Kevin is a botanist, as well as a meteorologist, and often writes about flowers or trees. Sheryl is a retired teacher and likes to write about wildlife. Eliot is a historian by trade, as well as an artist. He comes up with lots of interesting pieces about local natural history, as well as some folklore. 

So why am I one of the writers? On paper, at least,  I don't hold any spectacular degrees or legacies. What could I possibly add to this already great group to hold up my every four weeks' commitment? 

Hmm . . . what could my expertise be?


Just in case you haven't already seen any of my articles, I'll let you in on my recurring theme: 
Frugal family fun ~ outdoors!

I'm hoping that God keeps giving me inspiration for the articles. So far, so good. 
My fifth one should post this Monday July 11th. It is a whole different ballgame to write for the newspaper than to blog for all of you! So many more requirements. It can be hard to get your point across in only 500 to 510 words. Sometimes though I'll be writing and feel like I'm finished . . . then I check the word count and it only says 435 words. Arghh! A couple of times I've wondered if anyone ever even reads what I write. Then one day a friend sent me a message on Facebook and told me that he enjoyed reading my article. It's the little things that mean a lot to a writer, like when my friend M... saves me her copy. :)

All this to say, if you'd like to get some ideas for outdoor frugal family fun, why not go check out my past columns? Just click the links below. Oh, just in case you're wondering ~ I do NOT write the headlines ~ LOL!


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  1. Congratulations on being able to write a column for a newspaper! What an exciting and fun thing to do.