Monday, July 18, 2016

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reviews by teenagers

We have just ended what are two of the busiest weeks of every year . . . those last two weeks before our 4-H fair. Those weeks filled with the girls putting the final touches on their projects, running to Hobby Lobby for whatever one of them missed on the last trip, and getting all the projects to judging on the correct days.


Before and during this time, Arlene and I have been reviewing a couple of really neat things that we are going to tell you about later this week. I wanted to give you a head's up because Arlene decided she wanted to try writing the bulk of these reviews, instead of just adding on to mine. 

One of the reviews is for a writing program, so she put her new-found skills to work! The other is an audio adventure. She has also written a third review ~ which we will share in a couple of weeks.

I am really impressed with her reviews, and I think you'll enjoy them. It has been almost too busy, and Arlene's help with writing the reviews has left me time to do other important things . . . like sleep!

Stay tuned, I hope to get Arlene's first mostly-solo review up tomorrow or Wednesday.

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