Monday, November 16, 2015


Every year, we members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew vote on our favorite products from the review year. Everyone gets to vote... even the little kids! As our family votes on our favorites, we always wonder what everyone else on the Crew loved best. Today is the day that the Crew announces the Blue Ribbon Award Winners.

We're here to tell you about some of the products and vendors we voted for. There will be a lot of posts about various families' favorites, plus the actual awards. If you're wondering about any of these products, you can visit The Schoolhouse Review Crew website and read all the reviews from earlier in the year.

Now, our favorites:

We reviewed two awesome titles from Heirloom Audio this year: In Freedom's Cause and With Lee in Virginia. Both of these audio dramas are top-notch productions that draw you into the story, and make you want to stay. Our whole Crew is eagerly awaiting their next release!

I adore Koru Naturals! Their Emu oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream has transformed my days. My shoulder joint is so much better after using this for the past two months! Their honey and propolis soap is a family-wide hit, and Emily and I are still using the Skin Clear Cream. Earlier in the year we reviewed their emu oil - it is such a great moisturizer, and their lanolin lip balm. Try this stuff - it's awesome!

This was Emily's top vote. This year we reviewed Illuminating Literature, Mrs. Watson's newest offering. If you're looking for a way to get your High Schooler interested in Literature - choose this one! In the past, we've also reviewed her Writing Fiction in High School curriculum - also a gem. Emily not only loves the curriculum, she enjoys talking with and emailing with Mrs. Watson, who loves to hear from her students!

We reviewed two titles from this year: Unbroken and Do You Believe? If you're looking for family friendly, faith-based movie, look no further! I also enjoyed watching the first season of When Calls The Heart (which I won in a giveaway on a friend's blog!)

Arlene helped me review The Book of the Ancient Romans this year. She enjoyed how it was presented as a story, instead of just a collection of facts or short paragraphs. We've reviewed other titles from Memoria Press in the past, and every one has been a solid, quality option. Whether or not you're a Classical Educator, Memoria Press is a great destination for finding educational gems!

*Special Mention*
Every year, one of the categories is "Best product I didn't know I needed." For us this year, this was CursiveLogic! We loved how it helped Arlene's writing. Be sure to check it out for your family! 

Out of 30 reviews we've done for the Schoolhouse Review Crew just this year, these 5 vendors comprise eight of our favorites! Want to know who won the overall awards? Click on over!

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