Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week 12 - The Family Room + DVDs

34 weeks of cleaning with friends
 I was SO happy to see that Week Twelve's challenge from Michele was to clean and declutter our Family Room + DVDs. 

We don't have a family room, and the living room is still looking pretty good from week 8! We do have the front room, which is the go-between for the rest of the house. Thankfully it got cleaned when I did bookshelf #4 in week 10. The only thing that really still needs done in here is the ceiling fan, but I'm in the middle of a sewing project at the small table right underneath it, so it needs to wait until next week to get cleaned.

The other part of the weekly challenge was to go through our DVDs. This is a task Kurt has been working on for a while. He puts them on our home cloud storage, so the girls and I can access them through our apple tv, then they get stored in a sturdy tote. The only discs that reside in the living room are in our small Blu-ray collection, or movies we are currently reviewing or using for school. With the extra work that always appears when its time to go to our homeschool convention (last weekend,) I was happy for an easy week. Perhaps I'll even get a chance to work on the Pictures and Scrapbooks challenge for week 13 this weekend... right after I finish that sewing project - LOL!

34 weeks of cleaning with friends

Don't feel bad if you're not getting everything cleaned and decluttered every week, the goal is a cleaner home in 34 weeks. Keep taking bite-sized steps towards your goals. That's the only way we will get there. 

I hope you have a blessed Easter! He is Risen Indeed!

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  1. I think I need a cloud! And Kurt to do that for me! ;) You are so right, bite sized goals keep us all moving forward! Thanks for linking up Carol. You are doing a great job!