Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Real Life Homeschool - The High School Years

Today we're taking a pause during this Real Life Homeschool week and reminding you to be thankful!

High School is crazy and amazing all at the same time. I'm thankful we have two wonderful daughters who are on this journey with us. High School brings a new set of challenges, and triumphs. The girls have had a lot of cool experiences, from being on the Conner Prairie spinning teams, to competing in the State Fair 4-H fashion revue. They've had two friends achieve their Eagle Scout rank, and had older friends graduate from High School. They've taken up playing Euchre, and Ultimate Frisbee with their friends. We've learned how to play tennis...well, sort of anyway.

Life goes on every single day that your children are in High School. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get the book work finished. That's why I love that our girls have become independent learners. It would be physically and mentally impossible for me to lecture them through all of  their High School classes. I wouldn't even want to try, and we have two girls, some my friends have three High School aged kids! I don't have to teach my kids for High School. Now don't get me wrong, they still do a LOT of work on their education. It's just that the role Kurt and I have changed from teacher to one of mostly encourager and financier. The girls are responsible for their education. They might need a push in the right direction for school sometimes, but they also need some guidance on how to manage their time. These are real life skills they are learning!

As they continue to mature, each girl's personality and gifting has become more apparent. They still love to do things together, but they're ok going out on their own as well. A year and a half ago they went on a weekend trip all about historic preservation - without us. Crazy scary for parents, and amazing for the girls all at the same time! Kurt took Emily canoeing, and Arlene and I went on photography hike. Sometimes, Kurt and I even go places without either girl... that's something I really couldn't fathom when they were little. Now that they're mature enough to go babysit for other people, there is a joy to be found in a little snatch here and there of alone time for this Mom. 

I'm thankful for this new stage in life, even if I am now the shortest person in our family. If you want to know more about the day-to-day of our High School journey, come back tomorrow for our last installment in Real Life Homeschool. Until then be thankful - and go hug your kids!

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