Saturday, March 28, 2015

This Charmed Life

I was reminded again today of what a blessed life I lead. Those who don't know Christ might call it a "charmed" life, but I prefer to call it what it is - blessed! I'm not a pencil pusher, nor do I have to contend with rush-hour traffic every day. For the most part, I get to set my own schedule at work, and the girls don't have to catch a bus at 7 a.m.


This home educating life isn't any easier than the next life, in fact, at times, it may be more difficult, but I would not change it for anything! I am SO thankful God has called us to this life. This life with more intangibles than I could ever list, and more blessings than a million dollars could ever hope to buy. This life where I love my friends and family who encourage me daily. This life where my children help with the housework, where my husband willingly goes to work to provide for us, this life where I even have time to occasionally read a book.

This life I lead is blessed. Thank you Jesus for my life, and thank you friends for being a part of it!

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