Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - 2/19/15 - Peach Sorbet

Thankful Thursdays - Peach Sorbet

sorbet |sôrˈbāˈsôrbitnouna dessert consisting of frozen fruit juice or flavored water and sugar.

What does sorbet have with being thankful? Today - a lot!

Arlene wanted to have some canned peaches. So she went to the back pantry in search of a can. ( Just in case you've forgotten what our back pantry is like, click here.) What she found was a frozen can of sorbet with peaches in it. We always chose fruit packed in juice instead of fruit packed in syrup. Because it has been so cold here the past couple of days (-5 F at night,) the back pantry has gotten even colder than usual. 

Both girls enjoyed their easy sorbet... and asked if they could have some more tomorrow. Maybe I'll join them, I think there is a can of pineapple back there...

Find joy in the small things God blesses you with. Be thankful for the everyday!

Easy Peach Sorbet

If you’re wanting to try some easy sorbet yourself, put your can of fruit in the freezer, but don’t forget it in there. You want to take it out and eat it once the juice doesn’t sound slushy anymore. You’ll need to check it every half-hour or so.

While you're being thankful, please say a prayer for Ella, a sweet lady that lives at a local nursing/ assisted living home we visit each month. She is taking a trip to the heart hospital tomorrow.

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