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Trident Case - KRAKEN A.M.S. for iPad Mini - a Crew Review

In the reality of everyday life, we usually need a case for our personal electronics. A case that protects from the elements, as well as protecting against our own clumsiness is best. The girls and I have been reviewing the KRAKEN A.M.S. case from Trident Case for our iPad Mini. This case can fit either the iPad Mini 1 or iPad Mini 2, is available in 7 colors (ours is blue,) and retails for $59.95.

Trident Case Review

This case can be used by all ages, but you'll need an adult with good fingers to install it on your iPad Mini. Once it's on, this is a sturdy case. It does increase the bulk of the Mini some, but not so much as to be a nuisance. We have found this to be quite the sturdy case. The KRAKEN A.M.S. case meets or exceeds military standards MIL-STD-810F. While I'd have a difficult time explaining that to you in layman's terms, you can visit this part of Trident Case's website to see all the specifics. What I do know is this, it's sturdy. If you're considering letting your young child use your iPad Mini, you want a case like this.

Trident Case Review

One part that sets Trident Cases apart from the competition is that they have the shock absorbing silicone layer on the inside, right next to the device. We have found two major benefits to this. 1- the device is cradled in the softest part of the case, and 2- having the hardened polycarbonate on the outside prevents wear, tear, and stretching of the silicone.

The two parts I didn't like about the KRAKEN A.M.S. case ? First, it was a pain to put on. Seriously. It took us four tries to get the silicone parts lined up exactly with the polycarbonate shell openings. In light of having used it for about 6 weeks, this now seems a minor issue. However, as I mentioned near the beginning, you'll need an adult with good fingers for the installation. Secondly, there is NOTHING over the home button. I'm not sure how well it will do long term with keeping dust out of the case when I can already see a little dust inside the screen protector near the home button.

The girls use the iPad Mini almost every day, for typing school papers, email, messaging their friends (& Grandma,) and sometimes, just playing games. The new case from Trident makes it easy to tote around the house. The girls like it because it's easy to spot on the shelf, and because they get to use it more since I'm not worried about occasional drops. We're not going to drop-test it ourselves, but the silicone inside should live up to the test.

Overall, I'd give the KRAKEN A.M.S. case for the iPad Mini a B-. The pros outweigh the cons, but you'll want to know both before you buy. Your Mini was an investment, and you'll want a sturdy case to protect it (especially from the kids and unforeseen drops- which is where Trident excels.)

Here's the short version:

-difficult to install
-no covering on the home button
-headphone jack plug is difficult to close
-volume button should stick out further - difficult to use at times

-super-duty sturdy
-fair price compared to other 'protective' cases
-Polycarbonate outside, silicone inside to cradle your device
-7 cool colors to choose from
-there is just enough of the silicone part on the corners to keep it from sliding around
-the outside is almost all polycarbonate so it can easily be put in your bag or backpack without sticking
-screen protector is built into the front piece of the polycarbonate - no extra installation steps
-polycarbonate shell snaps together, letting you know it's secure

We will continue to use the KRAKEN A.M.S. case from Trident. It is sturdy, and once it's installed, the other drawbacks are few. If the price were about $10 less, I would give it a slightly higher recommendation. Trident Case does offer a whole host of accessories to purchase that can be used for mounting, holding, and viewing your iPad Mini.

Trident Case has options to protect your phone and other tablets (large or small) so be sure to click the banner below and read the other reviews.

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