Monday, February 17, 2014

New Color

I just changed the color on the blog... again. Sorry for those of you who dislike change, but I'm still experimenting, so it might change again.

Sometimes we need a change in our lives.

Maybe we feel stuck in a rut, maybe we're just wanting to try something new, or maybe, we realize what we are currently doing just isn't working. Don't be afraid of change. It can be good, if we are following God's leading.

Are you asking God about the changes you want to accomplish? That's always the best place to start. Maybe He has something else in mind, or maybe HE is the one nudging you to change.

Most outward change isn't permanent. You can cut your hair and it will grow back, you can repaint a room if you end up appalled at the color. Inward changes should usually be permanent. If God is asking you to be more loving, less judgmental, or quicker to offer a hand, THOSE are changes you want to keep.

So while I contemplate what color pen to use today, or you choose what color to change your hair to for Spring, let's not forget to let God change us on the inside!

Here's to lasting, internal, eternal changes that make us more like Him!

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