Monday, November 4, 2013

A New Book from Elisha Press- Julie: The Redemption of the Backyard Bully

Our friends at Elisha Press have a new book coming out this week. It is a spin-off of the book The Reunion we reviewed last Spring.

Here is the synopsis from Elisha Press:
Fans of The Reunion may remember Julie Greene, the Gladstones' troublesome neighbor who almost drowned in the creek. This new novel - longer and illustrated - tells Julie's story before and after that incident, through the now-aging eyes of "Grandma" Greene. How can a sullen bully learn to be a selfless friend? How can a jealous young lady learn to be grateful and contented no matter what life brings? What does it mean to follow Jesus in the practical work and play of daily life? All this and more is waiting for you within the pages of Julie.

Author Rachael McIntire says that many elements of Julie are based on incidents from her own life. Growing up in the 1960's, she experienced firsthand the challenges of that tumultuous time. Though the sixties are now long gone, the principles of God remain the same eternally. It is her hope that some of these principles may penetrate young hearts and minds through the story of the backyard bully and her redemption.
As part of their launch event, Elisha Press is giving away one autographed copy of Julie every day this week. By entering once, you'll have a chance to win each time. This is a 183-page softcover book with 19 black-and-white illustrations like the example shown here.
The sooner you enter the giveaway, the better chance you have to win - so don't wait! Click here and put in your email address to sign up.

Did you catch that? You only need to enter once, and they'll draw for a copy each day. (You don't have to keep entering each day.) We have enjoyed working with Elisha Press, and we hope you enjoy the updates about their newest selections!

If you enjoyed The Reunion, click on over and register for a chance to win a copy of Julie!

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