Friday, November 11, 2016

Home Sweet Life ~ Week in Review... umm, 2 weeks :)

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I'm guessing you've noticed that it has been two weeks since I did a Week in Review. 

Yeah, that. 

Maybe when you find out just a little of what we have been doing, you will understand why. After all, I only have two children, how crazy can life be? Some days I wonder-LOL!

Let's just dive in shall we?

Back the last Saturday in October the girls and I went to our State Historical Society to see their interactive exhibits about Eli Lilly and the Ball Corporation's canning centers. Since we were downtown Indianapolis, and the weather was fabulous, we decided to take a little walk along the canal before we headed home. At one point one of the girls looked around the rather large crowd of people and said "Mom, I think we are the only three people here today who aren't playing Pokemon Go."   We all had a good laugh about that one and continued on our walk.

Sundays are spent at church, then with family or friends, and sometimes (often) watching football. 

Monday rolled around again and Em went off to work while Arlene got out her books. More math, more history, and more science. Soon you'll see our review of the Chemistry 101 series post. We are both enjoying the way they present the sometimes difficult parts of Chemistry with good stories and some humor. 

Tuesday Arlene and I went to the NaNoWriMo event at our library. If you missed our recap of that, click over here and read it - it's short. So far, Arlene has written something every day this month. She is hitting her writing goals, and I imagine a lot of her free time in early December will be devoted to editing.

Wednesday was Em's day off so she spent most of the day on her remaining two classes. One month left until she graduates - I think we are both looking forward to that day!

Thursday was another book day for Arlene as she knew we had much to do on Friday. Thursday afternoon we started our grocery shopping and errands because Arlene needed time at home on Friday to bake cookies because the girls had been invited to game night at their friends' house.

That afternoon I found out that a dear friend had received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. That evening we went over to see the whole family, and find out how we could specifically pray for them. If you feel led, please join us in praying for our dear friends Chris and Sharra and their family.

Friday Arlene and I went to see the opening of the Quilters of Madison County quilt show at our local historical society. She entered her checkerboard quilt that she sewed for 4-H this year. There is a "People's choice" award, so if any of you local friends stop by and see it, I'm sure she would appreciate your votes! (Her quilt is #63)

4-H, quilt design, quilt show

Saturday Arlene and I went to a conference about plants. It was the annual INPAWS conference - Indiana Native Plant and Wildlife Society. This was the third year we two have gone and we learned a lot! We were especially busy during the presentation on Indiana Nature Preserves, as we made copious notes of ones we wanted to add to our list of places to visit while out on our State Park treks. We also learned that there are now bison on one of the State Nature Preserves and hope to go see them tomorrow!
AND...we ordered Emily's graduation announcements from Good thing they offer speedy delivery for slackers (um, busy people,) like us!

Sunday again - church and then a recital to attend. Emily went out with her friend to take some more Senior photos. Lots of fellowship! 

Monday - me chugging off to work for my last full week of the calendar year. That was what kept me going  all day- knowing that from now on I'll only have a couple of days for a couple of weeks and I'll have a lot more time to devote to being home w/ Arlene. That evening I went out with a dear friend and we had a great time of talking and catching up. Fellowship is a priceless commodity. Find some!

Tuesday was just another day right? No. It was election day so Kurt, Em, and I all headed to the polls to vote before going to work. I'll be honest, I went to bed long before the results were in. I had pulled my shoulder at work that day and was just plain tired. I knew that God was directing the results and so I went to bed. 

Wednesday we girls had friends over for lunch. It was a great time of food and fellowship. It also gave the girls a push to get going early in the morning because they needed to clean up the house and sweep before our guests arrived. Ooo...and we got an email that one of our favorite products is getting an update and they want us to review it. It's still a secret, but I think you'll find out more soon!

Thursday? That was just yesterday right? What did we do? Hmmm...some days it is really hard to remember. Arlene and I went to the library in the afternoon, I remember that. Oh yeah, I remember now, we went to Family Christian store with my coupon and ripple reward and I got myself a coloring book I had been eyeing for a while. There was probably something else noteworthy about yesterday, but since my shoulder was still hurting, I don't remember much of it.

Today. Today is Friday. This morning we went to our awesome chiropractor so she could work on my shoulder. I am SO much better, although I'm not 100% yet. Thankfully I have another appointment on Monday. Then Arlene and I ran errands, came home for lunch and laundry, ran more errands, stopped by home for more laundry duty, ran our last errands, and got home 5 minutes before Kurt and Emily returned from work. Glad we were having sloppy joes for dinner and it was quick!

Tomorrow we are hoping to see the bison, and watch the migrating sand-hill cranes that make a stop over each November about 2 hours away from our home. Let's hope it ends up being warmer than the predicted high of 48!

Hope your week was memorable too!

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  1. Yep, you've definitely been busy! Funny how the days just tend to blur into one another...

  2. I love the quilt! I wish I could be that talented! I hope she wins!!

  3. Busy, busy, busy. Seems like that is what life is all about, doesn't it? The quilt is fantastic. Did she hand-quilt it all? I love it and would certainly give it my vote if I could. Hope you got to see some bison and the sand-hill cranes. - Lori

  4. yay for chiropractors who can help with pain eh? You had a full two weeks. :)