Thursday, October 20, 2016

Home Sweet Life ~ Week in Review

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What have you been doing all week? Is it your normal routine, or did you try something new this week? I don't think we have had a "normal" routine any time in the past three years. Does that sound odd to you? It is just how life happens here at Home Sweet Life. 

We officially start school here every year the day after Labor Day. That means we are about 6 weeks into our year. This is Emily's last semester of High School. She will be graduating in December. She just needs to finish her last 2 courses, so her schedule is not like anyone else's "normal." It is just her own combination of schoolwork, housework, and job interviews. I think that is typical of an 18 year old...maybe? 

Arlene is hard at work on her Junior year of High School. Ok, she's not hard at work right this minute, right now she is playing a game on her iPad. But earlier today, she was hard at work. Since we're a few weeks in, we spent some time on Monday making sure she was getting the correct amount of work done each week in her courses for this Fall to make sure she finishes what needs done before Christmas. Most of her classes will continue into the Spring semester, but we wanted to do a check-up as to where she is now.

Arlene and I have been using the Worldviews in Conflict set from Master Books. It is SO good! I was a little hesitant at first, wondering if it would be a good fit for her, and so far it is. We have loved Master Books since she was little and this title is no exception! Since Emily is graduating I wanted to have something that Arlene and I would do together, not just something for her to do on her own. As a working and homeschooling Mama, I usually choose curriculum that she can mostly do on her own, so we can keep our limited together time for things where she needs real help. This course has been a great use of our together time, as we take turns reading the text out loud, and then discussing it. If you have been considering it for your High School Junior or Senior - get it! Here is a small warning- only get it for your 15 year old or older as it is quite in depth and requires some real maturity. While I know a lot of homeschoolers start their students in High School at 13, this one worth waiting until they are older so they can really discuss it with you. This is NOT a do it alone course!

We continue to work our way through Algebra. Yes, this has been a multi-year project, but it is worth it to take as much time as Arlene needs to understand it. With her dysgraphia it simply takes her longer than it does for most other students. She would much rather just do story problems all day, but she needs the Algebra  to graduate, so we keep plugging along. She is also currently working through Geometry - both from Math-U-See.

Science?  Yes! Actually two of them right now because she is using Science Shepherd's Biology, plus we are reviewing a superb Chemistry DVD set from Chemistry 101. She sent me to work on Wednesday with a directive to bring home a balloon so she could do the experiment. I guess that is one drawback of having older students... you have less balloons and play-doh around the house and more reference books. Thanks to my friend Amanda for providing the balloon!

We decided Arlene could take a break from History for the rest of the month as she had been deep in the throes of it for the first six  weeks solid and had accomplished more than I thought she would get done by now. But, in a funny turn of events, I got home from work early yesterday and she wanted to go to the read a history book! :)

Tomorrow we're taking another field trip of sorts ... the local Historical Society is preparing for a quilt show next month, and since Arlene entered her checkerboard quilt she made for 4-H this year, she is going to spend the afternoon helping the ladies with checking in the other quilts that are being brought in for the show. I know a lot of homeschooler might think that isn't really schoolwork - so what?! This is preparing her for real life, and isn't that the point of an education anyway?! Our 16 year old voluntarily read a legislative law book from the 1800's yesterday, she can have fun with quilts tomorrow! Balance, and fun, definitely fun.

Yes, this is how we roll in our homeschool, never the same day twice. It is really much more fun than following a groove that becomes a rut. I call it eclectic experiential education, and it has served both girls well so far. :)

What will next week hold? I'm not sure, but I do know that God will let us know if HE has plans for us that are different than what we might have in mind. 

I've been active helping get the word out that the Homeschool Review Crew is accepting applications for the 2017 Crew year. You'll see some posts from me, as well as several from my friends on our Social Media pages for the next week or so. If you're interested, click on over and find out more.

Oh yeah, we've been listening to Cootie McCay's Nativity from The Familyman's Christmas Treasury over and over again this week- it is our favorite story of the eight available- you should get it!

I'll be linking up with my friend Kym on her Homeschool Highlights posts over at Homeschool Coffee Break. If you click over, you'll have an opportunity to find out how other families spend they weeks educating and living with their children. Lots of fun, lots of ideas, quite a bit of encouragement will be found over the next few months. I'll try to actually get a post up each week about what we've been doing here at Home Sweet Life. Until next time, know that I'll have Scripture Writing posts every week, and we have a super cool review item to tell you about next week!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. What exactly is "normal" anyway? I don't know if our homeschool weeks have ever been normal either. LOL It's so much fun for me to see what everyone else is busy with these days. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I think "Normal" is a setting on your dryer! LOL!

  2. normal is whatever we make it eh? :) helping with the quilt show is real life. It's character and team building and more.

  3. I don't think we have any sort of normal routine either; we have yet to find on in 4 years!