Friday, September 9, 2016


Thanks to a not so gentle nudge... shall we say push... from my dear friend Annette, I'm going to try this five minute friday writing prompt. I'll link up the result, er rambling, over at and then read what others have to say about this week's word: Heal.

Here goes :)

five minute friday,, heal, writing prompt

When I think of the word heal I think of God the Father and Jesus Christ as the Sustainer and Creator of life. I think about how the Israelites had a specific name for each attribute of God, and how one of the El's was the one that called God the Great Physician and Healer.

I think of the healing I have seen in our own home this past week as Emily had her wisdom teeth out on August 31st, and has been pretty much fully recovered for several days. How is that possible? Only through God reaching down and healing her. Emily's wisdom teethe were super tight, and pushing against her other molars AND against her jawbone. I saw her X-rays. While her surgeon stated that it should be a pretty straight-forward operation, and Em should recover well, I really, truly though it would take her much longer. God was so very good to her! Her friends helped the healing by stopping by to encourage her, and bringing a couple small gifts to lift her spirit.

Healing has been happening a lot recently in my heart. I've struggled with some anger towards God, and others, over the past few years, and God has mercifully taken it away. I am a new creation. Christ lives in me, and it is no longer the yucky old sinful Carol who lives in my heart, but a joy-filled handmaiden of God.

Time is up.

Five minutes goes by fast.


  1. I'm so glad the worst is behind your Emily. I remember having mine out many moons ago. Yes, He is the Great Physician. Blessings to you and keep writing! The five really does go fast. Stopping by from FMF. Leigh

  2. So glad to hear how well she has recovered! God is good and when we see that, we allow ourselves to be healed also. Beautiful, Carol. Truly.

  3. oh.. that is so cool. The physical healing in your daughter and the change in your heart. that is so ... oh.. LOVELY. :)

  4. I have had my wisdom teeth out. I know how much I prayed for healing! So glad she is healing well. And isn't it always so refreshing when we feel the hurts removed from our hearts? God is very kind and gentle and a great healer indeed. I loved the "God's Names" study I did last year. So meaningful!

  5. Along with all the physical healing you've experienced, the phrase I found most encouraging is, "Healing has been happening a lot recently in my heart." I continue to pray this for myself and others, who are on paths of forgiveness and growth. Visiting from FMF#69.