Friday, May 6, 2016

Yes, I Voted!

Christians and voting, I voted

Earlier this week I went to the poll and voted. I've voted my entire adult life. 

Whether or not you choose to exercise your right to vote, please keep reading. I would like to share some thoughts that made this Spring's voting unusual for me.

I've gone to the same voting location for over a decade now. 
This week something was different.

This time Emily was old enough to vote.

How did it happen that our firstborn daughter is grown up enough to join the voting public? One day at a time.

When the girl were little, we would talk on our way to and from our voting location about why we vote, and various ways taxes are spent.

Early this year, our conversations turned to the candidates, what they were talking about, and why it mattered.

We talked about how the things Emily had learned in her Civics class were being played out in front of her eyes.

So, this time, Emily and I went together to vote. For the rest of the week, I thought about what this new milestone in both of our lives meant.

What you teach your children day by day matters. It matters a great deal!

How you view the world matters... are we following the Biblical mandate to pray for our leaders? Do we daily remember that this world is not our eternal home? Our citizenship as Christians is in Heaven. We are to be in this world, but not of this world.

God is the one who raises up men and takes them down. No matter how the elections end, the most important thing I have taught to my daughter is that she can trust God to take care of her through it all.

Yes, I voted! But more importantly, I loved my daughter enough that she cares about the world around her. As she steps into adulthood, she knows the One who holds the world in His hands.

And that, my friends, is the most important lesson to learn! :)

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