Monday, February 8, 2016

Sweet Success... maple sap!

Maple tree sap, TapMyTrees, maple sugaring

About a week ago, Kurt helped Arlene and I put the taps in our maple trees. The weather was actually a little bit too warm last week for us to get sap. Then, it turned colder. Hurray! Today we had sweet success... maple sap in our buckets!

I know it will take several days of collecting sap to have enough to boil, so I asked the ladies at the local bakery to save us a couple of empty icing buckets. Emily scrubbed them twice, then I bleached the one we wanted to use today... and triple rinsed with hot water, just like our book instructed. Hopefully we will have enough by this Saturday to try boiling it down into syrup.

We are excited to be using our maple sugaring kit from Tap My Trees. Stay tuned, we'll post another update later this month!

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  1. How exciting! :) Makes me want to read the Little House on the Prairie books again.