Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thankful Thursdays 12/10/15 ~ The Gift of Fellowship

Today I was so thankful for the gift of fellowship! 

Sometimes as Moms we get so busy doing whatever needs to come next that we forget the joy that comes from true fellowship with other believers. Today I enjoyed wonderful fellowship with some dear, sweet ladies that many of you probably know., Writing with Sharon Watson, Home Sweet Life

My dear friend Marcy blogs over at and the other lovely lady in the picture with us is Sharon Watson, from Writing With Sharon Watson. Emily has been using some of Sharon’s various curriculum over the past few years, and had the opportunity to talk with Mrs. Watson at our state’s homeschool convention this past Spring. They hit it off immediately. Sharon is such a sweetheart and loves to hear from students that have used her curricula. She loves to talk to them about quality literature and what they are reading right now. 

Although Emily had been emailing with Mrs. Watson for quite a while, she asked me if we could get together sometime so they could talk more. Luckily, Sharon lives only about an hour from us, so we invited her over for lunch. Without Sharon knowing it, I also invited Marcy (and her son Ben) over as well. Marcy and Sharon are great friends so I knew it would be a wonderful surprise.

We had a simple but filling lunch.

After lunch was over Arlene, Ben, and Emily decided to split off from our group and had a fun time talking about Dr Who, drawing pictures, and talking about other stuff. How do I know they were having fun? We kept hearing them laugh from the next room!

Doctor Who, teenagers, fellowship

Marcy, Sharon, and I talked and laughed, and talked some more. We didn’t talk about anything out of the ordinary for us, we just had time to share our hearts. I had such a wonderful time today with these two ladies who have come to hold special places in my heart!

I encourage you to take the time to enjoy the gift of fellowship ~ you will be glad you did!


  1. You're so sweet, Carol! Thank you for the invitation and the wonderful time with you and your daughters and your surprise guests!