Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop -Don't Miss It!

Can you believe it is AUGUST already? Whether you started school last week, or are waiting until September, you’ve probably had back to school thoughts running through your brain. 

Me too! 

I’m joining with several (ok, lots,) of my friends to bring you a special Back to Homeschool Blog Hop next week. There will be so many great posts about almost every back to homeschool topic you can think of. I’ve got my five topics picked out… but NO SPOILERS! You are just going to need to come back on Monday and find out what has been running through my brain.

TOSReviewCrew, Back to Homeschooling

Starting another year of educating your children at home can be fun, challenging, and overwhelming all in the same five minutes! I’ll admit right now that I don’t have all the answers to all of your questions, but I bet someone will cover those topics you most want to know about during the week! 

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Back to Homeschool Blog Hop

Mark your calendars - 10 to 14 August - it's time for this years Homeschool Blog Hop.  The Schoolhouse Review Crew will be joining forces with Homeschool Blogging Connection to bring you a week full of back to school encouragement.

We have 56 homeschool Mom's sharing their combined wisdom and insights covering everything Homeschool related. That's 280 posts of encouragement and information just for you!

Meet Your Back to Homeschool Blog Hop Hosts

Marcy @ Ben and Me

Rebecca @ Raventhreads
Annette @ In All You Do

Aurie @ Our Good Life
Jennifer @ A Peace of Mind
Katie @ DailyLife
Melissa @ Mom's Plans
Annette @ A Net In Time

Crystal @ Crystal Starr
Shawna @ Tenacity Divine
Jacquelin @ A Stable Beginning 
Leah Courtney @ As We Walk Along the Road

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