Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What's In Your Bag?

July Blogging Challenge

Today's prompt in the July Blogging Challenge is: What's In Your Bag?

I thought you'd enjoy a photo of a pretty daylily more than my messy bag, but I knew I needed some photo. 
You're welcome for sparing you the messy bag.

Today I went to work, so I took my work bag. I work as a merchandiser doing resets at the local grocery store. Here is what's inside my bag today:

water bottle
Crayola marker
tag puller
flat-tipped screwdriver
report papers
work schedule
tape measure
screen roller
cough drops
OPC-3 chews
tiny tape dispenser
fruit leather
nail clippers
extra pen
bolt and wing nut

Well, Lynn & Jennifer did ask.

Tomorrow I'll go to church, so I'll actually take my purse. Inside of it you would find:

small billfold (with practically no money-LOL!)
car keys
small first aid kit

On Thursday I'll be taking the girls to 4-H sewing judging. I expect we'll be there a few hours, so I'll take my purse AND my Thirty-one Organizing Tote. It will probably have:

some snacks
water bottle 
jacket (the A/C is always on in the 4-H building)
my planner
a notebook for writing blog post ideas

my latest review book: The Conversation by Leigh Bortins

probably my laptop...maybe not, but next week judging will be too crowded to take my laptop, so I should probably get ahead on my blogging tomorrow while I wait.

phone charging cord & plug

extra pens to sign 4-H record sheets with - I am a Leader after all :)

What is in YOUR bag?

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  1. Thursday's bag looks most exciting, though Crayola markers just might make work a bit more fun.