Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful Thursdays - 4/3/14 - The Body Of Christ

I just want to take a moment and say how extremely thankful we are for The Body Of Christ in action. Both our local church and the extended family of believers have gathered around us and supported us so well during this time of Kurt's illness. 

I am also thankful Kurt is starting to feel better.

The church in action is a beautiful witness of Christ's selfless love for us. We have been uplifted in prayer, given meals, had our girls loved on (& sometimes pleasantly distracted,) received cards, calls, texts, fb messages and e-mails to cheer and encourage us. Kurt had a lot of visitors while in the hospital, and the sacrifice these friends made to come see him will always be remembered.

(BTW- our family is great too!)

If you're ever wondering if it makes a difference when you pray for your friends, let me assure you -IT DOES! Each day brings something that is bigger than we can handle ourselves, and God has faithfully shown Himself providing for all of our needs. He has so often shown His love for us through the hands, arms, and feet of His followers that I feel I could be writing "Thank You" cards for months.

Thank you for your love of us! Please continue to cover us in prayer, as Kurt is scheduled for gallbladder surgery next week.

The word thankful seems so small to describe our feelings about the great work that God has done, but it is a start!

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