Thursday, December 13, 2012

12-12-12 Fieldtrip !!!

Yesterday was 12-12-12. 

Did you do anything unusual? 

We decided we wanted to commemorate the day with pictures. We had a lot of fun! We surprised MANY of our friends, who, thankfully, all agreed to pose with us and our 12-12-2012 signs. 

It was our totally unplanned, spontanious afternoon. Anderson has a lot of really cool architecture, but that's not why we enjoy living here. We enjoy living here because of the people. Our friends are what made yesterday's photo-fieldtrip day possible. So, if you were one of our "willing victims" -THANK YOU!

It started out as a vague idea runing through my head early last week. Do something different on 12-12-12. Well, for those who know us, we're a little zany anyway, so to be DIFFERENT would require some thought! The 11th was also our last 'planned' day of school work before Christmas break, so I wanted it to be relaxed, not over-scheduled. We're all a little tired of focusing on Latin and Algebra.

So we piled in the truck, with the camera, small gifts for a few of our friends, and a lot of laughs. We spent the afternoon visiting some of our favorite people & places around town.

Below you'll find pictures of friends who we found at home, or at their businesses on our little jaunt yesterday. I hope you have as much fun seeing them as we had making the memories!

First stop, Simon's house. Kind of looked like a mug shot, so I told the girls they should be more creative later on.

Next, a visit with my friends Connie Combs, "The Mobile Seamstress." Her shop/office is in the PNC Bank building, 3rd floor.

A little silliness in the lobby of the PNC Bank building. 

Down the street to visit Todd Rimer @ element 212. We were going to take the picture with his wife Tammy, the CEO (and a great friend of mine,) but she was out working...hiring new people! Thanks Todd for being a good sport! (We DID plan this stop, I wanted a picture with their logo [the 212] in the background!)

More silliness, the lobby of the Union Building!

Outside the ticket booth of the Paramount Theatre! A favorite place of ours to go see concerts, or watch the Nutcracker ballet!

Across the street from the Paramount, in front of the "Three Graces" statues.

A short half-block later, we were visiting our friend Anna Hinton, owner of PIP Printing! (We highly recommend PIP! Anna & her team have served us well many times with printing and binding needs, and they're always quick, which is good, because I'm usually time-crunched when I drop a project off!)

A super quick stop at the Post Office, because they're busy, to mail a Christmas package. I know it's blurry, but the postmark is "Dec 12, 12"

Posing with "Miss Ann" in the Chidren's department of the Anderson Public Library. One of our all-time favorite places to go!

A "SURPRISE" attack on the Abels' household! Thanks Gavin, Peyton & Brady for being zany like us!

Our most crucial stop, the girls needed a picture with their "3rd Musketeer," Briyah, and her super-cute cousins Malachi & Zolie

While we were there, Arlene snapped a picture of my great friend Sharra Badgley & me!

Another "surprise" stop, at church. Our pastor, Bob Bell, being just crazy enough to join me when I asked "Hey Bob, can we borrow you for 60 seconds???" I wonder if he'll still be so accomodating next time I ask him-LOL!

Last stop, and probably my favorite picture of the day! Another of my best friends, Bethany Rielage (& her husband Todd.) 12-12 was Bethany's Birthday, so this is one of those pictures to treasure!

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  1. I love this idea, and it looks like you and the girls had a great day! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm going to need a copy of that picture because it turned out to be the only one we have from that day!