Monday, October 22, 2012


If you've been reading our blog for a while, you know that we have 2 favorite baking ingredients besides chocolate, pumpkin and apples. Yesterday I made a large apple crisp. It's almost gone.

 Today it was Arlene's turn to make bread. (Home Ec 101!) She asked me if she hurried and got the bread and her school reports done, could she make some cookies?

She used our favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. With a new twist. She used a bag of Nestle's holiday morsels (the dark chocolate and mint mix.) Oh- YUM! 

I think Arlene must have been hungry when she made the cookies, because they're about twice as big as usual. They are SO good. You can make some of your own, just click on the blog archive on the right & find the recipe in a post from January of this year, or click here.

The Nestle mixed dark and mint chips are a seasonal thing. I know the local Kroger stores (Kroger, PayLess, Scott's) have them on their baking wall that just went up last week. You can probably find them at your other local grocery store soon as well. Let me just remind you, the dough keeps well, so if you're not wanting to bake them all tonight, you can refrigerate or freeze the rest of the dough for later.

Yes, you wish you were here :)

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