Monday, July 9, 2012


Hello everyone! If you're wondering where we've been...well, it's 4-H time in our house. 

If you've been involved in 4-H, that probably doesn't need much explanation. If not, here's a little snippett: 4-H is a wonderful program that teaches youth (grades 3-12) new skills, how to complete a project, and lots of other things. 

When it's almost 4-H fair time, the kids get their projects ready and take then to judging. 

In our county, we have open judging. That means the 4-Hers get to meet with the judges while their projects are being evaluated (sewing seams checked, cookies tasted, lambs checked for form, etc.) We really enjoy this part of the process, for it gives the kids a chance to talk about their project, and explain any special steps they took to achieve their results. This has one drawback... your 4-Hers almost always have their projects judged on different days. So beginning last Thursday, and going through this Friday, there are specific projects judged each day. So the girls and I will make a total of 6 trips to the 4-H grounds (about 15 minutes away) over 5 different days. 

So maybe now you see why I've been away from the computer :) !!!

Anyway, I hope you each had a memorable Independence Day with family and friends. We were blessed to be invited to two different cookouts over the week of festivities, and had a great time with our friends.

Have a wonderful week!
God Bless You!

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