Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Washed Clean

Last night we had strong storms move through central Indiana. The storm was violent, the lightening seemingly everywhere, the thunder loud, and the rain heavy. Just an hour south of here they received so much hail (4") that it closed the interstate and they had to bring in the snowplows to clear the road. 

That was last night. 

This morning everything is washed clean.

I awoke to the birds belting out some mighty songs. I suppose they are as grateful as I am to have survived another day. 

When I went out to get some farm-fresh eggs (yum!) I saw many trees blooming, flowers gently swaying, and people with smiling faces. 

All of creation is singing this morning. Thankfulness is welling up in my heart for having survived another storm.

Being washed clean is a great feeling. All of our filth is gone, there is promise for today and tomorrow. It is just like when we ask Jesus to forgive our sins. He takes us out of the storm (or through it) and gives us hope for today, and tomorrow. We have a new beginning, a fresh start. We can choose to make today the day when we follow in Christ's footsteps, when we love others and glorify the Father.

Perhaps you are in the midst of a storm today. Ask Jesus for help. He wants to guide you through. He longs to give you that assurance of being washed clean, having your sins forgiven, and having promise for the future. An eternal future that can begin today.

Grow your life, and your family, as you would tend your garden: grow with God & love.

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