Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Apple Tree

This afternoon the girls asked to go spend some time outside. It was 50 degrees- In Indiana- in January! How could I refuse? They ended up sitting in the apple tree, one of their favorite places.

The apple tree never manages to produce apples for us to eat. It tries, it really does, but the squirrels in the neighborhood come and pick almost all of them by the time they are golf-ball sized. The ones that survive are so high up that we can't get to them. 

The job of our apple tree is not to provide apples (although that would be a bonus,) its job is to provide a place for whatever the girls need today: make believe, bugs to watch, branches to climb. So even though we may never eat an apple pie from our tree- it will stay right where it is. 
(The picture is from last Fall)
Besides, I need someplace to hang the bird feeder! 

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