Thursday, November 1, 2018


31 days of five minute free writes, encouragement, living

This is the last of my posts for the 31 days of Five Minute Free writes. I've been thinking about this one for a couple days, so it may go over the five minutes ;)

Close the door.
Are you close to done?

Which one is it? Either, both.
Let's choose the first one.

God's story is like a novel that never ends. I like to read novels. They give me a chance to delve into another time, or another place, and be entertained. When our girls were really little, I started reading a lot of historical fiction. A library card was free, and I needed a pastime that was free. I still read a lot of historical fiction, but not as much as I used to. There is a satisfaction in getting to the conclusion in the story, but oftentimes, there is a bit of a letdown, because you want to know what happens next. You become invested in the characters of a good book, and they can seem like your new friends. What happens to them next?

Isn't life like that? We want to know what happens next. When God closes one chapter in our lives, we want to be able to read the next one - soon, as in right now! But, that is not always how reading a novel works. You might need to set a novel aside to go make dinner, or help your child with their math lesson. These are real, everyday life occurrences that take precedent over knowing the ending of the story.

God has a way of placing everyday life occurrences in our own story, to turn our focus towards others, and away from trying to find the ending of our story. This is a good thing, a great thing actually. We need other people in our lives to make our story interesting. We also need other people in our lives to keep us humble. So often we need other people to point out the blessings in our everyday lives, so that we pause and thank our Creator. 

While today marks the close of this chapter, it also signals that another one is just beginning. Where will it lead? God knows, and He will be walking it with us!

Thank you for reading all the way through this Write October 31 day challenge. November is here, and that signals NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month)

While I'm not writing a novel this month, Arlene will be working on her third one this month for NaNoWriMo. I'll be working on writing my book, which means more writing, but a little less of it here on the blog. I'm hoping to get back to Instagram more, which has been sorely lacking during this October challenge. Stay tuned, there's plenty of interesting stuff scheduled for November here on the blog!

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