Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Indiana State Fair

It has been busy couple of weeks around here,  as we've spent a lot of time at the Indiana State Fair. As I scroll through social media and see first day of school pictures from our friends, I am reminded once again how freeing it is to choose to homeschool and set your own school schedule. In case you're wondering, we always start the Tuesday after Labor Day and finish before Memorial Day. 

Local schools give excused absence to the kids who are showing their 4-H animals or otherwise competing at the state fair. I am really glad of that because it is a truly educational experience, and a whole lot of fun!

When I think about our State Fair, I wonder if it is sort of like when our grandparents' and great-grandparents' generations attended the World's Fairs. So many new things, so many shows to see and experiences to explore. I haven't ridden anything on the midway yet, that's not really my thing, but I have seen a whole host of animal competitions, talent shows, dance routines, and I'm looking forward to attending the big top circus show. 

I'm working on some feature articles for our local newspaper about some of the 4-H kids from our county who are showing animals at the fair. I've learned a lot, and met some really awesome kids!

You really should consider taking a road trip and visiting the Indiana State Fair, and if you live too far away to get here before the fair end on August 19th, then figure out a state fair that is closer to your home and go there this fall. There is a good reason why the fair's hashtag is #greatest17daysofsummer !

Whether you're coming to our state fair, or attending your own, check out our post from Sunday afternoon about tips for attending the fair!

Stay tuned for more updates :)

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