Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday Favorites

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Today is Friday, which mean I should share some of our all time favorite homeschooling things... hmm.

Two years ago I wrote about school supply lists for homeschoolers, I think maybe you should start there. I'll tell you why we love back to school time - because all the school supplies are on sale. You seriously need to get your children (and yourself) some quality scissors now when they're on sale. We really like Fiskars scissors. They come with sharp blades that stay sharp. You're more likely to have your child outgrow them than for the blades to get dull.

Arlene says her favorite part of homeschooling is getting to take an afternoon nap - even as a high schooler!

We have had a lot of fun homeschooling for the past 15+ years. One of our favorite resources is our library. It is a huge treasure trove of learning, with some pretty awesome librarians, and as much time as we have spent there, we still enjoy going whenever we can fit it in. When the girls were first reading, especially for Emily, we would go every week and get about 25 easy reader style books to keep her busy. Henry & Mudge and Mr Putter & Tabby were two of our favorite series. 

One great online resource we were introduced to a long time ago is If you are wanting to know more about Charlotte Mason's style of education, or of you need help planning things out for the year, OR if you're like us and just wanted great ideas for living books, it's a great place to go. Many of the inter-library loan books we have checked out have come from the book lists here. While just reading the books on the list does not constitute a Charlotte Mason style of education, it is a wonderful place to start.

There are two other online resources we recommend. One is This site has such a vast variety of options to choose from it still surprises me. For instance, did you know that Sharon Watson has a short three week long class on there about writing advertising copy? I think I'll take that one soon. One of my friends suggested I take a look at it. Sharon Watson is a superb teacher, and a wonderfully nice human being, and we have enjoyed all of her writing courses our girls have used. I've decided to try this one myself. It should help me when I get around to writing our my book proposal for submission, as a book pitch is a specific type of advertising. 

The other online resource that we enjoy the most is Drive Thru History Adventures. Dave Stott is hilarious, and also a pretty darn good history teacher. Arlene has been watching the Acts to Revelation series from the app on her phone. I have not had time to watch these newest episodes this summer, but with the return of schoolwork in September, I'm going to be watching them myself. It's a good thing when the mom still wants to learn! :)

Drive Thru History Adventures

What are some other favorite of ours?

Foods: pizza, tacos, Wild Planet tuna, watermelon, and blueberries!

Music: For King and Country, Classical, Keith Green, and so many others!

Road Trip destinations: Pittsburgh, PA, Bartlesville, OK, Springfield, MO, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Conner Prairie, and the Indiana Dunes.

I know, today has been a really random collection of favorites, but hopefully, it has given you some ideas to check out!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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