Wednesday, April 4, 2018 April Scavenger Hunt ~ Win Prizes!

This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase, it will not cost you any extra, but it will help fuel our blog - thank you! is having an April scavenger hunt with cool prizes and I could not let this opportunity pass you by! So many of you have asked me what kind of courses there are available on and this is an excellent time for you to do some digging yourselves. Prizes include a laptop computer, Kindle Fires, and annual memberships to

But before we go any further, let me tell you about this gem of a course I just found on SchoolhouseTeachers. Fashions in History is an 11 week course designed to give an overview of women's fashions from the 18th century through 1910. It also makes mention of some of the changes in men's fashions. This course would be excellent for girls in middle school up through high school, but can be adapted for siblings as young as third grade to join in. Personally, I am planning to go  through this course with Arlene, who is a high school senior, to review what we have already earned through her volunteer work at our local living history museum, and to learn more about the fashion terms and textile characteristics we have not yet learned from this timeframe. It's time to up our game before she is ready to apply for a paid position at the museum next year!

As I looked through the Parent's guide to this course on fashions, I see there are several readings that are designed to challenge the high school aged students, especially those who are looking at a career in textiles or museum work. This is a boon to students who want to excel at their craft, as the course is taught by a former museum curator who now curates a small private artifact collection while homeschooling her own daughter.

So what if a career in textiles or museum work is not in your child's future? Take a look round at the other 360 courses they offer. I particularly like this Scavenger Hunt because it will introduce you to areas that Arlene and I do not regularly use, so you see more options! It has been a long time since I wanted to pull up a preschool video or an early math lesson, but you can do both on!

Is your child enamored with facts? Do they like to quote to you from science books or recall unusual historical events? Then you may want to look at the World Book libraries or search by subject for History courses.

The important thing is for you to go and enjoy the Scavenger Hunt
Do it today. Why? Because when I remind you about it again later this month you'll feel accomplished for having already completed the hunt and having entered to win a prize, instead of wondering when you'll find time to do that... remember, I'm a homeschool mom too - whatever you're up against this month in life, I've probably already been there, done that, and have the scars to prove it. Here is what I know: God is faithful to hold you through the storms, and bring you out on the other side - refined!

So Scavenger Hunt anyone? 

Yes, I thought so! Who would not want to win one of those great prizes? Go explore a little with the scavenger hunt, then make a note on your planner to go back and try out the courses that interest your family the most! Remember, there are two levels of membership available: Limited Annual Yearly Membership for those whose children are all in the ages of Preschool-8th grade, and the Ultimate Annual Yearly membership that covers from preschool all the way through high school graduation!

For those who might be wondering if is affordable, let me remind you of this, the Ultimate Annual Yearly membership works out to less than $15/ month. That is less than our family's monthly bill from Netflix, and I can tell you that no reasonable person should be spending more on Netflix than they are on their child's education! 

If you are wondering if there is enough variety on to keep your older student well occupied - that answer is also yes! There are several high school level courses, including ones that cover veterinary science and other career choices. STOP thinking of your child's home education as doing school at home, and start thinking outside the box! Covering the basics to graduation should never be boring, and you can cover so much MORE than the basics with a membership!

A quick recap:
One membership covers the entire family 
No extra per-child fees
Online - take it anywhere
No extra textbooks to buy
Great resources to help and encourage parents

Now, go join that Scavenger Hunt and let me know if you win a prize! Just click on the banner below to get started!

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