Monday, April 2, 2018

Books With Bean ~ Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins, Books With Bean, book reviews by teens

Title: Mary Poppins 

Author: P. L. Travers 

Published:  1934

Genre: Children’s

Summary: With their old nursemaid having just left, the Bank’s family finds themselves in need of a new one to look after the four children. Jane and Michael the older two of the four Banks children are waiting at the nursery window while their mother writes to the paper asking for them to send her a good inexpensive nanny when the wind seen to quite literally blow one to their door. She is greeted by Mrs. Banks and introduced to the children as Mary Poppins. As soon as the children meet her it is quite obvious to them that she is unlike their last nursemaid and they soon find their lives quite changed by the new nanny.

What I liked about it: What didn’t I like about it? Most know Mary Poppins by the Disney movie musical and indeed that was my first introduction to the stories as well. It wasn't until many years later that I found the books at which time I immediately read them all. They are fun and interesting and have a classic charm that makes them able to still be enjoyed many years later by people of all ages. The children are realistic and Mary Poppins is in a league of her own. So different but of course Practically Perfect in Every Way.

Language: None

Romance: None

Violence: None

Magic: Well their has to be some sort of magic to have the adventures that Mary Poppins takes the children on but it is never really talked about. 

Recommended Age: This is a wonderful book to read aloud to young children and for them to read on their own as they get a little older. I think for the first read aloud 4 or 5 would be just the age. 

Books With Bean, book reviews by teens, Mary Poppins, read aloud

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  1. Mary Poppins is an most excellent book (and movie) :)