Saturday, December 2, 2017

Holiday Sale at Oral Essentials

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Oral Essentials Holiday Sale, fluoride-free toothpaste
Use the code: holidaysmile21

December is here already, and we are trying to limit the amount of gifts we purchase so the focus can remain on Christ this Christmas. With that thought in mind, it can be tricky to find a quality gift to give those you appreciate and love without resorting to food. While I love giving food, most people already have too many sweets around the holidays. What about a gift that helps combat all those party snacks?

That is why I am super happy to tell you that our friend over at Oral Essentials have put their entire line on sale for the month of December. You could give gifts that improve the health of your loved ones. You can also use these awesome products in those grab-bag office gift party swaps because everyone should brush their teeth - right?!

Arlene (age 17) has been on me for a week to reorder her some more of the Whitening Toothpaste because it is the first toothpaste she has ever actually liked using! I'll admit I was hooked on it the first day I tried it as well. It gets your teeth so clean you are sure they will squeak when you run your tongue over them. It has always been a challenge to get Arlene to brush her teeth - so of course I'm all for stocking up this month while there is a 15% sale going on! The Oral Essentials Holiday Sale started yesterday (December 1st) and runs through December 31st. You will need the coupon code: holidaysmile21 to receive the 15% discount.

There is a two-pack of the Whitening Toothpaste available, so now I know what to get for Arlene's stocking. :)

Oral Essentials Holiday Sale, fluoride-free toothpaste

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