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Blue Evolution Superfood Seaweed Pasta ~ a review

sustainable seaweed, seaweed-infused pasta, blue evolution

Sustainably harvested seaweed is a superfood that is high in vitamins and minerals. Seaweed can help clean the ocean and still provide a great source of nutrients when eaten. It has taken a while to catch on as an American food staple, probably because we are so picky - and because it works best when balanced with other great ingredients. Enter Blue Evolution - a company specializing in harvesting the best tasting, nutrient-dense seaweed from their own Pacific Coast farms and turning it into dishes everyone can enjoy!

Blue Evolution has worked some kitchen magic by finding just the right balance of seaweed in their four varieties of pasta, and in their marinara seasoning mix. For this review we received the Rotini, Marinara seasoning mix, the Gluten-Free Shells & Cheese, and the regular Shells & Cheese. Each one was its own blend of deliciousness!

Our first try was the regular Shells & Cheese. A box makes two adult-sized servings. Arlene loves mac & cheese, but I was not sure, even at 17, what she would think about pasta with seaweed in it. It was good. The seaweed added color and nutrients, but was balanced well so as to not taste seaweed-y, just good!

Our next test lunch was the Gluten Free Shells & Cheese, it also serves two. This ended up being my favorite. Sometimes  gluten free pasta is bland- but this was not! It had a complex taste, and combined really well with the cheese sauce to make a delightful lunch. We both wished there was more in the box! Next time we will need to make two boxes. :)

sustainable seaweed, seaweed-infused pasta, blue evolution

Our final taste test was the Rotini pasta, which Arlene topped with the Marinara seasoning.  This was unlike any other marinara I had tasted - it had a real kick to it - which Arlene and Kurt both enjoyed! It has both black pepper and cayenne pepper combined with other seasonings and seaweed, so it has a unique bite to it. I thought it was tasty, but a little strong for my palate. The package says to combine it with canned whole tomatoes, but since we already had a couple cans of unseasoned petite-diced tomatoes, Arlene used those instead. Same end taste, slightly different look.

The Rotini makes 4 adult-sized servings, and since Arlene had made it for lunch, we put the leftovers in the fridge and Kurt had his serving with dinner that night - cold pasta salad style. He enjoyed the taste and Arlene told him it was good for him because it has seaweed. Arlene ate the fourth serving a couple days later for lunch and said it held up well and still tasted good.

Our overall thoughts: this is yummy pasta! A word of advice: cook it only to minimum time listed on the box, and you will get a just barely al-dente pasta that holds up well to a fork, without getting mushy. Be aware that the Marinara seasoning does require you to add tomatoes, and it has Cayenne pepper in it. I know a few people that are allergic to cayenne, so always ask before serving it to your friends. I would suggest that the marinara seasoning is geared towards adults while the Shells & Cheese are perfect for kids. Although once you try the Shells & Cheese, your kids are going to need to learn how to share. :)

Arlene said her favorite was a tie between the gluten-free Shells & Cheese and the Rotini with Marinara. She hopes to have both again soon!

All of the varieties we tried would make great options for a healthy lunch. You could also consider them a great option for a present for your foodie friends of all ages.

Blue Evoltion pasta & seasoning are available both on their company's website, and on Amazon - prime eligible! So if you are still wondering what to get those people you adore for Christmas - go get them some seaweed - Blue Evolution style!

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