Friday, May 12, 2017

Quality Time

blogging the alphabet, quality time versus quantity time

This week’s letter is Q, and it stands for quality time. As a working and homeschooling Mama, I do not often have a quantity of time to spend with the girls. I have often wished for more time, but like many other things I have asked God about, He keeps reminding me that His grace is sufficient, and made (shown) perfect in my weakness. I do not have a quantity of time to spend, but I can make that time count!

Quality time means being present and paying attention. Tell me I’m not the only Mom guilty of not always paying attention to everything my children talk about. Now that they are young adults, I have to make a conscious effort to set aside whatever else I might be doing, and focus on what they are saying… not just with words, but with their actions and attitudes.

Quality time means putting them first, ok, putting them third, and putting myself fourth. Jesus first. My husband second. My children third. Myself, fourth or later. 

There are a lot of joys to be found in motherhood. We just need to know where to find them. Quality time is time well-spent. Time spent teaching our children about the love of Christ. Time spent showing them how to be a friends to others. It also means helping them when they struggle, whether that is with their math problems, with their siblings, or in mastering a skill in the kitchen.

Every once in a while your children let you know that you are getting it right. A couple weeks ago, Emily (18) came by my desk while I was paying bills and said “Mom, look at me. NO, look right into my eyes, I have something important to tell you.” She proceeded to tell me “It is hard being an adult, but you do it well. Thank you for showing me how to live this tough life with grace.” 

That was better than any Mother’s Day card!

Stop back by next week for the letter R. In the meantime, check out the other letter Q posts

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