Monday, February 20, 2017

Blogging Through the Alphabet ~ Field Trips!

Blogging through the alphabet, Letter F, Field Trips, Road Trips

This week's letter of the alphabet is F

F is for Field Trips!!!

As a working and homeschooling family, we all enjoy Field Trips! It gives us a chance to connect and experience something alongside our daughters. We all learn together. Field Trips are definitely a blessing!

Sometimes we take them during the week, and it is just us girls, and sometimes we take them on the weekends so Kurt can go with us. Kurt actually loves to plan road trips for us, so we are frequently getting up in the o-dark-early morning hours on a Saturday and heading someplace fun!

We go on A LOT of field trips during the year. Below are some photos from just a few of the ones we went on in 2016. This year it is just Arlene and I at home during the week since Emily is working. Don't worry, we are still doing a lot of field trips! 

Sometimes it takes me a while to get all of the photos edited and the posts written, but if you'd like to look over some of our field trips, just click on the Road Trip tag at the bottom of this post and see the others in that series.

Blogging the alphabet, Field Trips, Letter F

In the above photos:
1- the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, pretty cool, but we still like our local library better
2-visiting the grave of Indiana poet and author James Whitcomb Riley
3- Our day at Brickworld Indianapolis, and the girls meeting the organizer
4- An early season trip to Conner prairie to see the newly restored Conner House and play with the baby chicks in the barn

Blogging the alphabet, Field Trips, Letter F

Our early Spring trip to the Cincinnati Zoo
They have a really cool elevated platform to watch the giraffes from. You can see them come right up in front of you, but you have to back up when they get really close, or they might try to lick your hat, and that's bad for their diet!
They have a large selection of animals, and one of our favorite parts is that the peacocks roam freely throughout the zoo grounds.

Blogging the alphabet, Field Trips, Letter F

On the outskirts of Cincinnati we visited the Trammel Fossil Park, I will have to tell you more about that one soon as I know a lot of you would enjoy visiting there. Then we spent the rest of the day at Chateau Laroche.

Blogging the alphabet, Field Trips, Letter F

Above are photos from a few other field trips from 2016
Left - a trip to the Indiana Historical Society and a walk along the canal in downtown Indianapolis
Middle column - the quilt show Arlene participated in, a part of the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail in south central Indiana, and a shot of the river at McCormick's Creek State Park
Right - A Spring hike at Mounds State Park with our favorite local Naturalist Kevin.

Not to mention all the other places we went last year, like Bass Pro Shops in Clarksville, IN, Brown County State Park, Turkey Run State Park, the Indiana State Fair, to NE Indiana to see the Bison and watch the Sandhill Cranes migrate. I'm really glad our car gets good gas milage!

Do you go on a lot of Field trips? Tell me some of your favorite places to visit in the comments below!

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  1. Field trips--what a great topic choice. Looks like you've been on plenty of fun ones. We take a field trip at least once a month, but maybe we should be doing it more often!

  2. I almost used field trip for F because we go on them so often; in the spring and fall we just about go once a week!

  3. Oh how I love field trips! It looks like you had a fun time this last year! What was your favorite?? ;-)

  4. So many fun field trips especially when the kids were younger. We have fun memories of Cowtown, Prairie Rose, and surprisingly the Water Plant is some of the kids favorites that they still talk about.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. We've done a few field trips during our homeschool years. One of our favorites was in 2009 when we explored Monticello, Mount Vernon and Gunston Hall in Virginia, then went on to DC. Great memories! It's awesome when you're studying something and can actually visit it to experience it in person. Love your post!

  6. We love field trips. Local ones are always great (and the punks enjoy a day "off," but they really enjoy the overnight trips. We go to Renn faires, the Cog Railway, museums, Plymouth Plantation... Looks like you and your family are creating many wonderful memories, too.

  7. That fossil park looks like it was really fun! We love fieldtrips as well. Thanks for sharing!