Friday, November 18, 2016


Today's Five minute Friday prompt is: Enjoy

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What do you like to enjoy? What is most precious to you?

When I think of the word Enjoy I think of time spent with family and friends. When the girls were little I probably would have said "someone else making dinner" or "time away from home." I'll be honest, God has been maturing me and now that we are at the other end of our girls' school years, He has really shown me what is important that I might have missed.

I don't want to miss anything else! We enjoy spending time with our daughters, and now that the oldest is graduating and is gone four days a week at work, I realize how much I enjoy their company. Yes, there have been days when I couldn't wait for Kurt to get home so I could have a break from them, but now I look forward to when we are all home together.

Today we had a really rare treat, one extra last warm day. Normally in November in Indiana Winter is beginning to bare its teeth and the wind howls and bites. Today it was 75 degrees and Arlene and I decided to ditch schoolwork in favor of a trip to the gym to go swimming. (Indoor pool, of course!) The joys of homeschooling! Still, the chance to be outside one last time without a jacket and to feel the warmth on our faces after we left the gym was worth it. Tomorrow it will be 40 and rainy, but for today, we enjoyed time together doing something fun.

Life isn't always fun. I have two good friends battling cancer, and another one who is sick with pneumonia. These trials in their lives have been God's reminder to me that I need to enjoy each and every day. Live life and enjoy each days' gifts!


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  1. A good reminder. Blessed to be your neighbor at Five Minute Friday this week.

  2. Yesterday was beautiful out wasn't it? And today snow. It will be a joy to watch it fall.

  3. I enjoy spending time with my family too. Life is too short not to enjoy it.

  4. God is good- saying a prayer for your sweet friends.
    (visiting from the Crew and Five Minute Friday this week)

  5. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience, Carol. I always enjoy reading your writing. - Lori