Saturday, February 27, 2016

Working and Homeschooling ~ An Introduction

Working and Homeschooling

Our girls are now in High School. 

I have always worked outside the home during the years we've been home educating them, which has been from the very beginning. While I've written a couple guest posts on other blogs about the process, I've never written much here about it.

That is about to change.

Many of you have asked how we manage to homeschool while both parents are working.

It hasn't been easy, but God has always shown Himself faithful. I'd like to share some glimpses into our life, and offer suggestions on how you can survive as a working Mom in a world full of homeschooling responsibilities.

Not everything can be explained in just post or two. So I'm challenging myself to share some of the journey and challenges each week during March and April. 

I think you'll find it eye-opening. For those of you who are stay-at-home-Moms (SAHM's,) it will probably reinforce your joy at not needing outside employment. For those of you whom God has called to work outside the home AND still homeschool your children, I hope to offer encouragement and a lot of laughter.

Life as a working, homeschooling Mom is tough. It requires daily dying to yourself and your wants. It requires a HUGE support system, even if that is only your spouse and a friend or two. It requires depending on God to see to the details, and it requires faith. Faith that if God has called you to this ~ He will see it through to completion.

If God has NOT called you to homeschool and work, you'll know. It will fail. If He HAS called you ~ hang onto your hat ~ this is a wild ride!

I'm going to include suggestions every week, and the first one is this: stop thinking of doing school at home, and think about educating your children.

Ponder that thought for a week. 

Besides God, that philosophy of educating your children is the only other essential thing that can help you make it thought this!


  1. Great intro! Excited to read your series.

  2. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. makes focus on the EDUCATING your children more than WHERE you educate your children

  4. Great start. This sounds exciting. Or wild. Or both! I can't wait to read them. - Lori

  5. Looking forward to reading along with you.

  6. Interested to read more about your journey! We homeschool our 2 kids. Hubby has always worked full time outside the home, and I work a couple of part time jobs from home. These days it can feel more like a juggling act than anything else!