Saturday, June 13, 2015

Road Trip ~ Destination: USA

Summer officially starts in about a week, but for most of us, school is out for the summer and we want to take full advantage of our free time to explore. There are so many cool places to visit across the USA, and we would love to share ideas for a good old-fashioned Road Trip with you. Since there are still places we haven't been, at the end of each post we'll include links to great destinations our friends have visited. 

If you live in the Midwest, the Deep South, along either coast, or somewhere in between, we invite you to come along on a road trip with us. If the destination of our Road Trip is an annual event, we'll plan to tell you about it at least two weeks before it occurs again, so you won't miss it and have to wait a year!

Whether you are young or old, a single or a family, we hope to encourage you to plan for, and take, some old-fashioned road trips this year. Our goal as parents has always been to focus on experiences over things. We would rather go somewhere together than buy the latest toy or trinket. Our Road Trip destinations will often be for free or low-cost  locations. We understand needing to stick to a small budget. We also know that a small budget doesn't mean always staying at home! Every once in a while we'll throw in something really unusual. We'll be sharing places we've loved, and trying to give you a plan for adventure, the rest is up to you!

Road Trips require a good attitude, a full tank of gas, and a bag of snacks to throw in the backseat. While you're waiting for the first destination, be thinking about getting yourself, your family, and your car ready for the trip. Take an hour and clean the mess out of your car, make sure there's a first aid kit available, find everyone some sturdy walking shoes and a hat, and charge your camera batteries!

Who's ready for a Road Trip?!

Let the fun begin!

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  1. Love this idea Carol and excited to see where you and others head!