Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Homeschooling High School ~ What is it REALLY Like?

Over the past few years, I have been asked several times about Homeschooling High School. Other Moms and Dads want to know what is it REALLY like, and how is it different from the younger grades? I'll be the first to admit I don't have all the answers! To help you, and me, learn more, I'm joining with over a dozen of my blogging friends who are currently, or have finished, Homeschooling High School in a monthly blog hop. Beginning the end of June, we'll tackle a commonly asked question/ topic each month through December.

With examples from various styles of teaching and learning, from around the USA and overseas, I think you'll want to make it a point to set aside time the last week of each month to read through these posts. Right now there are 17 of us joining in, and I expect the number of participating bloggers to grow. My friend Chareen, over at Every Bed of Roses, has helped organize us and set our topics to cover.

Homeschooling High School Blog Hop 2015

Whether you're in the throes of High School now, or it is looming on your horizon, we are hoping to inspire and encourage you in this journey of Homeschooling High School! Here is a little peek at what we plan to cover:

June- Planning for High School
July- Electives
August- Math & Science
September - Language Arts
October - How am I going to teach ____?
November - How do you fit it all in?
December - Graduation

I'm getting excited just thinking about all I might learn from my fellow Home Educators. Surely I'll have a thing or two to share as well.

Perhaps the thing I remind other Moms of the most is this: You know your children better than anyone else does. God is standing ready to guide you through these years, just as He had led you through the past - trust Him, and pray A LOT!

My husband Kurt and I had vastly different public High School educations, neither of which would we want to recreate for Emily and Arlene. Each of our daughters has a course load tailored to help them through their weak areas, while highlighting their strengths. Our state's requirements are often met in creative ways, while hopefully allowing the girls to have fun learning more than just the minimum.

For those of you new to Home Sweet Life, we are following a general Charlotte Mason philosophy, yet if you saw our daily lives you might say our style is eclectic experiential education. Life is a field trip! If we can do a hands-on activity, or go somewhere to experience a reenactment, we are usually the first to jump at the opportunity. We find fun ways to learn just about everything, and we're willing to try a lot of new options until we find something that clicks for each of our High School aged daughters. We hope you'll keep coming back!

Here is a peek into some of the fun and educational things we've been doing the past few years...

Click on the links below to meet our friends!

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